Meet the Chef

I am Passionate about My Cooking 

My team hails from a variety of backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: a passion for the culinary arts and a desire to share it with others. We are all devoted to producing the most delectable meals from Houston to New York East Hampton NYC and make sure our customers are always happy with our service. Learn more about us here and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

The Founder 

Founder/Executive Chef 

Chef James Rucker has been a vital part of JMBC & CO since 2004, and lives to make his client’s palates happy. Chef Rucker is the first to open JMBC to prepare ingredients, and quite frankly, we’d be lost without Chef. Celebrity Chef James Rucker has his own day with the City of Houston, Has cooked for many celebrities plus he started his own non-profit organization called JMBCGIVING. Has many Cooking awards 18 years cooking and Bbq like The Paul Wall Ribs The Don Ke (LIL KEKE)  Brisket plus the Doughboy Chic (Doughboy Sauce) Plates & Pans. Farm to table, Fine Dining, BBQ Vegan Meals an 21 Different Sauces Now Introducing JMBC Dry Rub. Has been seen on Many TV Stations and news shows plus newspapers. Chef James Rucker Has Elevated his craft and now the World will know his Name. Thanks for visiting our site make sure you contact us anytime.

JMBC Team-members 

JMBC Super Team

Our team of Super Hands Chef James Rucker Sr. Mya Rucker/ Journie Rucker /James Rucker Jr  Social Good In Action/ JMBCGIVING /Chef Chitarra Natt, /Mz Dank/ Mr Freddie Jackson/ Rodney Lagard/ Martesha Haynes/ Erica Sodia /Ereka Holmes/Paul Wall/Dv-1/Mike Jones/TopCat/Walese Edwards/C Stone the Breadwinner (BWMG) and many more.



Jmbcgiving is a nonprofit organization where we come together with items to give back to the community. Like Food clothes hygiene shoes blankets mentoring programs employment growth awareness 

Meet the Team of Millennials 

We Love To Bless Others 

Houston Millennials 

See you at the top

Houston Millennials 


Houston Millennials 

Board Committee


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